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"Amazing Secrets Discovered By A Failed Cold Caller Gives You An Unlimited Supply of Hot Leads, Improves Your Closing Ratio...And Can Finally Let You Work Less While Selling More..."

Now you can learn to use secret underground techniques I discovered to automatically generate Premium Quality "A" level leads almost overnight, improving your closing ratio to a level you could only dream of before...While working less and eliminating cold calling! Impossible? Not if you can make a small change in your thinking...

Dear Fellow Salesperson or Business Owner,

If you ever wanted to generate hot qualified leads like a well oiled machine (doubling or tripling the number of leads you pull in-while also having the quality shoot through the roof)...While also completely stopping all the worn out cold calling methods...then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here's what this is all about: My name is Chris Howard, and until recently I was your average "Cold Caller".

I had a love/hate relationship with selling - some days I'd be really excited because I had a couple really great leads (even if I had to cold call all week to get them)...however most days I couldn't even get in front of a qualified prospect if my life depended on it.

I swear I've stood in front of a dumpster, with my face in my hands, holding my sales presentation binder overhead...

One Emotional Hair-Trigger Away From Tossing The Whole Mess In The Trash...

...and never talking to another prospect the rest of my life.

Doesn't it drive you nuts? I had no consistency to prospecting at all, even after cold calling for months and months. There was no way to tell what each day would bring.

And it wasn't for lack of trying, either - I'd easily dropped several thousand dollars having "pros" tell me what I should be doing and only if I would improve my sales script a little...

Yeah right.

Fortunately, I'm The Kind Of Guy
Who Will Complain to
Anyone Who'll Listen!

That's how I ran into Tyler Wilson.

It's kind of a crazy story about how I met Tyler but during my "dark days" of selling I noticed that a coworker of mine named Gary who was on my sales team...

Tripled and Then Quadrupled His Sales
In Less Than A Week.

This regular guy went from being on the brink of being fired to the top salesperson in the entire company. Which was no small accomplishment I might add.

Gary was just a quiet guy and not your typical salesperson. In fact he was late to work almost everyday. Definitely not what you think a successful salesperson would act like.

But his sales were better than everybody's! So I started to beg him to teach me what he was doing differently.

At first he declined saying that he couldn't reveal his secrets. Luckily, I'm not a quitter and I kept pressing him for information.

(I may not have been able to sell really well at the time but I was persistent!)

So after several weeks of begging, practically on my knees, he let me buy him lunch. Nice guy huh?

At lunch he explained how he found someone who coaches salespeople. He wasn't cheap and was typically booked up for months in advance but "this guy" had found a way to stop cold calling forever while bringing in leads automatically.

After paying for a very expensive lunch Gary finally gave me his card.

The card read

"Tyler Wilson
Failed Cold Caller to Sales Superstar?
Learn How to Stop Cold Calling and Start Selling!"

...and then it listed his phone number.

Completely intrigued and totally desperate for any help with my selling I called him up.

Unfortunately Tyler was a busy guy so I got his secretary.

His secretary explained that he couldn't see me for 2 months because he was completely booked. I needed sales now but I had no other option.

So I waited.

Well after almost two months of trying to grind out some sales by cold calling my appointment day FINALLY came and I sat down with Tyler to talk about my selling (or lack thereof).

And after what he shared with me that day my life changed forever. In a few short weeks after listening to Tyler's advice...

  • I had more qualified leads coming in automatically and consistently than I knew what to do with! (I'll show you what I did with my excess leads that brought in tons of easy cash!)
  • My Closing ratio shot through the roof...and it wasn't an increase in selling ability!
  • Plus - incredibly...

My Income Nearly Tripled
In Less Than 2 Months!

And it just gets better and better! My cold calling activities and sales scripts completely disappeared...and I became absolutely unstoppable, signing contract after contract and putting up big money deals like it was magic.

But it's not magic at all! You see, the amazing success and unlimited leads that I experience has nothing to do with me...and everything to do with the amazing new prospecting secrets Tyler discovered.

He calls it the Cold Call Crusher Technique

...And he got the idea for it after failing again and again at cold calling. He hated working long hours and seeing no results.

He knew there had to be a better way to sell.

And he found it!

When I met Tyler this is what he explained to me about cold calling: "You see, with cold calling you are stuck in your cubicle or outside "pounding the pavement" contacting one person at a time, day-in and day-out."

"Not only do you contact one person at a time but you contact them like you're a bum on the street asking for spare change. And a lot people treat you worse than they would a dirty bum off the street!"

"And I've seen it all; prospects hanging up, slamming doors, telling you to cross them off your list or that there is "no soliciting" here. Well I found a way around all of that mess!" he shouted excitedly.

And he was right. He found a way to avoid all that hassle and learned how to reach hundreds (and usually thousands) of people at a time...while only doing something once! That's right, after learning Tyler's techniques I can now do things once and see my results multiply (let's see cold calling do that!).

I finally have stopped running myself ragged contacting one person at a time like all the other salespeople.

"I've Got a Three Word Definition of Cold Calling: Waste of Time"
Jeffery Gitomer

Tyler Taught Me How To Use Massive Leverage
To Go Out And Bring In Loads Of High Quality
Leads Automatically Without Having To Work Hard.

In fact, after putting the Cold Call Crusher techniques to use in my life I don't work very hard! Hard work and cold calling didn't bring in buckets of cash like I wanted. Thank goodness I found a better way!

The "Cold Call Crusher" training course that Tyler developed is so simple, yet so crushingly powerful, that anyone - anyone - can use it to turn their prospecting activities into an easy, machine-like weapon.

Need Proof?

Click on the image below to see hundreds of leads flooding my email inbox. These people are begging to buy from me! And that's just a small portion of the leads I receive!

And those are just my email leads. Most of my leads come from people calling me!

I literally have to check my voice-mail box several times a day so it doesn't get full and stop taking messages.

Imagine if you could do even a small fraction of that. How would that change your selling career...and life!

With all these tested techniques combined, your power to prospect and to sell increases dramatically...giving you complete domination over your sales quotas...and your competition!

What Students Are Saying:

"Before the Cold Call Crusher course I was absolutely broke and wasn't making any sales. Cold calling was doing nothing but wearing me out and I was literally days from being fired or giving up. But after just 1 week of putting just a small portion of these techniques to use I now get more leads than I know what to do with and I'm making more sales than I thought possible. Thank you!"
Kalli T., UT - Financial Advisor

"Being in insurance sales is one of the most competitive selling areas I've been in and I can say without a doubt that without these techniques I would not be successful. This course gave me the competitive edge I needed."
Tim C., FL - Insurance Sales

"Hey Tyler, just wanted to say thanks. I was in sales some years ago and was very good at it. I now have returned to it after a number of years and agree with you that the sales game has changed! In theory I have always used your principles with older techniques but now they do not work. I found your info on the internet just two days ago and purchased your course only to take one new idea and implement it into action. Today, I came home to my pc to find that I have an appointment for a new client tomorrow. Or to quote him, "Call me as soon as you can!" So my point here is that it works!! I cold called for two days and got Nothing!! The game is on now!"
Robert Mcmahon, IL - Credit Card Processing Sales

"Selling is now fun again, and I'm actually making a great living now. In hindsight I could have spent thousands on this course and it still would have been worth it. Thank you again."
Helen B., CA - Healthcare Sales

"The techniques found in the Cold Call Crusher course have attracted to me literally hundreds of leads and sales. If I never found out how to use a system like this one I don't know how I would operate my business and make the kind of sales I do today. Cold calling definitely couldn't have given me the results that I get with these techniques."
B. Warrren, - Small Business Owner, Massachusetts

How can these simple secret techniques do all this for you? Easy...because these new techniques...

Give You Massive Leverage And
Puts You In A Position Of Power Over Your Prospects...
Giving You Tons of Leads While Shooting Your Closing Ratio Through The Roof!

Anyway, there's a very good reason I'm telling you all this. You see, for the longest time the only way to learn the "Cold Call Crusher" method was to hire Tyler Wilson personally… and he doesn't come cheap!

In fact, for the last couple years he's been charging over $350 an hour for his time, with a minimum of 3 hours - meaning it would have cost you $1,050 just in fees to learn a few of these secrets! That is, if you could get an appointment with him.

And believe me he would have gone on giving only personal sessions for his high fees, until I made him aware of a very simple fact: There were thousands of people all around the country he couldn't teach but needed his help...

It was simply too much hassle for him to travel (even though people offered to pay thousands extra) but he wanted to teach more people.

So I suggested to him to put all his teachings and techniques in a course that he could ship to anyone, anytime.

No need to travel and no coaching needed. Just a do-it-yourself course that would teach anyone how to stop cold calling and start making sales.

And Tyler agreed...well sort of. There's just one catch: he's going to "test" this course offer for awhile, and if it does well, he'll keep it going. If it doesn't however...

He'll Pull The Course Off The Market Forever
And Go Back To Teaching Only Personal Sessions
For His High Fees!

That means, if you're reading this message, the deal is on for right now! This is an unbelievably exciting package...designed so you don't risk a dime checking it out in your own home! What you get is...

  • 1 jam-packed printed course guide...over 100 pages of solid material
  • 8 videos made personally by Tyler to watch on your home computer (showing you exactly what you need to know and what to do next)
  • 1 quick start guide to get you on the fast track to hot leads in the shortest possible time
  • 1 secret bonus that will bring in hundreds of leads (I can't tell you what it is because it gives too much away, but it's valued at over $400)
  • 2 critique coupons so you can send Tyler any of your Cold Call Crusher training material for a personal critique (worth over $600)

Nothing has been left out...you get the same instructional format that he would use in a personal session...with the added advantage that you have it all in front of you, so you can go over any part you like until it's embedded in your brain! Plus, you'll see:

  • How to use leverage to prospect for thousands of people, while only doing the work once
  • How to get hot qualified leads that are incredibly easy to close
  • How to get your leads to multiply...completely ending prospecting forever!
  • 7 detailed videos teaching you one step at a time the secrets of prospecting
  • Step by step instructions to get leads flooding to you in days
  • How to burn up your phone lines with hot, pre-qualified prospects calling to buy from you
  • How to get more respect and increase your prestige...learn how to dominate your market!
  • How to implement only a small portion of the course and still get huge results
  • All the secret prospecting techniques to bring in leads while you sleep
  • How to put your prospecting on autopilot so you can sit back and enjoy life. (You might feel a little guilty about all the money you make with so little work!)
  • How to get more qualified leads in a few days than your coworkers and competitors get all month! (Struggling to get sales? Learn this secret and unleash your sales attraction super powers!)
  • How to automatically follow up with prospects until they buy without you lifting a finger - totally automated!
  • How to use technology to build trust, rapport and increase your status in the eyes of your prospects. (You don't need to know squat about technology to use these secrets!)
  • How to sell more, work less, and make buckets more money
  • How to profit from excess leads without even selling something to them
  • A technique that takes ten minutes that will bring in hot leads for years - without any maintenance

Listen: A lot of salespeople all over the world are gonna be furious with me for sharing these "secret weapons" with you...especially since you won't have to pay even a fraction of what they had to shell out for one lesson with Tyler!

But that's just too bad.

Most of these techniques have been a secret for too long. Oh, it'll take forever (and probably never) for these techniques to become so common you'll see everyone using them...

After all, most salespeople spend all their time cold calling and not looking for something that actually works to justify spending even a dime on something new...even if it's a simple course that will change their lives! That's just human nature.

In fact if you are one of those negative, cynical types who isn't open to new ideas, then this course isn't for you.

Also, if you are expecting "Steven Spielberg" type produced videos and professionally "graphic designer" manuals then this course isn't for you either.

Tyler refused to use a fancy graphic designer or an expensive video producer because he would have had to charge 5 times what he does now!

And he didn't want to do that. He wanted to keep the price low so everyone could learn how to stop cold calling, not just the already wealthy salespeople.

And the course actually turned out better this way because he personally put all the material in there with all the juicy details. There is absolutely no fluff or filler material to distract you from his teachings.

So if you are OK with all that and want to learn all the prospecting secrets you'll ever need than this is for you.

Besides - if you've stayed with me this far, you aren't like other salespeople anyway and you are hungry for success.

So let me tell you what the deal is: Click the "Add To Cart" button below right now and Tyler will ship you whole "Cold Call Crusher" training course for FREE.

Yup, you read that right, FREE!

All you have to do is help him out with the shipping so he can get it out to you and and he'll let you try the whole course for FREE for 30 full days.

Here's how it works: Just help him out with the shipping fees and you'll get the whole course for 30 full days to try out and see for yourself how powerful this system is. If the system delivers results then just keep it and he'll charge you the low, one-time fee of just $297 $197 $127 bucks after your 30 day trial.

And if the system doesn't live up to your expectations by exploding your bank account with more sales and customers then just return it, no hard feelings and you won't be charged the normal course fee.

How can Tyler have such an incredible deal like this? Simple, he knows how good this system is and he's sure it will work for you.

If you are serious about getting more leads, making more sales, and stopping cold calling forever then jump on this incredible deal now because the free trial won't be around for long!

But if you're one of those freeloading, whiny salespeople who will only order the course to take a peak planning to return it the whole time so you won't have to pay for it, then leave right now!

This course and incredible risk-free trial is ONLY for serious salespeople and business owners who intend on putting the system to work for them.

I'm sure you're not one of those freeloaders and you're serious about getting big results. And if I'm right jump at this opportunity now!

Think about it: How many more sales would it take to cover the price of this course? One?! Two?! That's a piece of cake if you learn the Cold Call Crusher secrets. In fact the possibilities are endless and you will be able to generate hundreds (and even thousands) of highly targeted leads for a measly $127 bucks!

That, my friend, is the bargain of a lifetime for a serious salesperson or business owner like yourself. What's more, the money is actually irrelevant, because...

You Also Get A 120 Day
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Here's how it works: Order your personal copy of the "Cold Call Crusher" training course, and use it as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren't completely satisfied after 120 days - just send back the material, in any condition, and Tyler will personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price.

"I ordered the cold call crusher course with some hesitation but since it was guaranteed I figured 'what the heck I'll give it a try.' I am truly impressed with the course and I believe this information will put my business on the fast track."
Randall Weekes, UT Small Business Owner

"This course has changed my selling career. I'm not wasting my time finding people to sell to anymore and I only talk to people who want to invest money with me (the way it should be!!!). New business comes in no matter what I'm doing. Oh, and please don't let my competition get ahold of these techniques ; ) ! "
Christopher H., NY - Financial Services Sales

"Just wanted to write and let you know I've done more business this month than the last three combined even with the market slowing down considerably. This stuff is powerful, thanks."
April P., GA - Mortgage Sales

No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out and no hard feelings at all.

How can Tyler afford to be so generous? Easy - so far, every single person I know that has actually put the "Cold Call Crusher" system into place has experienced the thrill of bringing in highly qualified leads automatically with no cold calling.

So we're pretty darned confident it can work magic for you, too.

So remember order now and pay nothing but the shipping for 30 days. If you like the course then keep it, if not then return it and pay nothing more. You also still get the 120 day 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind after the 30 days.

It's that simple. Tyler and I have done everything we can to make this as risk free for you because we know the course is that good.

And Wait, 6 More Special Bonuses!

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The last limited time bonus is sold out! So make sure to act now to get this new special limited bonus!

For the next 125 98 75 59 29 17 9 6 people who order the risk free Cold Call Crusher course I'll throw in yet another bonus worth well over $300.

Here's what you get: When you order right now we'll throw in a bonus critique certificate to send in any of your Cold Call Crusher material with any questions you have.

That's equivalent to free coaching!

With this bonus I'm absolutely guaranteeing that you'll be outrageously successful because you'll get access to Tyler and his experience. Your critique coupon will get your material straight to Tyler were he'll expertly review it and give his recommendations for your success.

For these critique sessions he charges over $300 dollars but he is willing to give it to you for free just for trying the course!

So not only do you get the bonus critique certificate for an incredible deal but you also get the Cold Call Crusher training course with the same 120 day money back guarantee.

But you better hurry because there is a limited supply and he'll never offer this bonus again!

So that's a critique certificate worth over $300 yours free for just trying the Cold Call Crusher training course!

#2: New "Recession Proof Selling" Guide ($47 Value)

If you are one of the next 50 38 24 11 people to order right now you can learn how to use the three hidden motivators that virtually FORCE your prospects to buy from you no matter what the economy is doing.

Selling more in a recession isn't more difficult, it's just different.

Learn how to use Tyler's latest secrets he developed that allow anybody who uses them to actually sell MORE during a "recession".

These easy to implement tactics will blow away your competition and allow you to sell more products and services to just about anybody.

The next time your boss or coworkers complain about tough economic times you can rest assured because you know the secrets to selling in any economic downturn!

Make sure to get it now because Tyler wants these tactics to remain underground so he's only letting a couple select few learn them. Hurry before it's gone!

#3: "The 5 Best Questions to Ask Your Prospects For Ultimate Closing Success!" Guide ($47 Value)

This ebook will reveal to you the 5 best questions that you should be asking your prospects EVERYTIME you go out and sell if you want to close the sale now.

If you have ever had trouble closing a sale these powerful questions will completely end all of your problems and make you more sales right now.

These questions really help you build a strong relationship and allow the prospect to tell you EXACTLY how to close them.

It's a bold promise I know, but it works.

It's just a simple formula that Tyler learned after hundreds of hours selling...and he's never shared it with anyone ;-)

And it's yours now for absolutely nothing if you just try out the Cold Call Crusher course!

#4: "Think and Grow Rich" e-Guide ($15 Value)

I don't think you could find any other book on the planet that is recommended more times by billionaires and millionaires than Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill and Think and Grow Rich is responsible for the success of some of the most famous and wealthy people today. I just had to give this groundbreaking book to the Cold Call Crusher members because it has been so important in my life.

If you were to order this book you'd pay over $15, but when you get the Cold Call Crusher training course you get it for free! We've included this important text in e-book form so even if you already have this book you can now read it anywhere you go on your laptop or even on your cell phone!

#5: "Scientific Advertising" e-Guide ($15 Value)

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is an invaluable resource for Salespeople and businesses. If you haven't ever read this book you are really missing out.

I keep this book close at all times and have lost track of how many times I have read it. This book is responsible for making me and many other salespeople and businesses thousands of dollars.

If you order the Cold Call Crusher Course right now I'll give it to you for free in e-book form so you can read it wherever you go without needing to pack a whole book with you. So get it now!

#6: "The Science of Getting Rich" e-Guide ($15 Value)

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was THE inspiration for the hit movie The Secret.

If you were going to create a "Hall-of-Fame" of success books this one would be in the top 5.

If you are seeking success and finding wealth than you definitely should read this book several times. I've included it with my Cold Call Crusher training course as an extra e-book bonus because of the power found withink its pages. Don't miss out on this one!

That's over $439 worth of value just for the bonuses alone, but only if you order now!

Think about it: Standing there with a smile on your face, as your boss congratulates you for blowing your sales quota out of the water and pleading with you to tell him how on earth you did it.

Or how about watching your business explode with new business and more customers than you ever thought possible...that would be something, wouldn't it?

You bet it would. And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee!

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Chris Howard

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P.P.P.S. One last thing, the bonus critique certificate is truly a spectacular bonus that Tyler will never offer again! The value of this bonus alone far outweighs the small one time investment in this incredible course. Order now before the bonus is gone forever!